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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Steal This Election - Part IV - Election Fraud Investigation Reform

Steal This Election

Part IV - Election Fraud Investigation Reform

Premise: Whether an incumbent be innocent or complicit in an apparent election fraud, it is against the best interests of that incumbent to support a fair and thorough investigation of such fraud.

Worst case: The incumbent to a position of power is involved in an election fraud. Obviously, the incumbent will do anything possible to keep the fraudulent activity from coming to light. Further, the incumbent-- who's already demonstrated a willingness to act illegally -- now has additional resources available with which to divert, block or disallow a fair investigation.

Best case: The incumbent is totally innocent of any involvement in an apparent election fraud and has no reason to suspect that fraud truly occurred. Supporting an investigation is still a no-win prospect. If an investigation uncovers fraud, it could cost the incumbent the newly won position, especially if the election were closely contested.

However, even if no fraud is found, the incumbent has still cast suspicion upon at least a portion of the support structure which elected him, probably alienating that group. This is a difficult position for anyone who intends to have a political future.

How can we get around this?

Through the development of an established, consistent process and a standard audit procedure for all elections, to be conducted by a disinterested third party. The UN has been more than willing to send in election monitors and it's certainly not in The People's best interests to refuse their help!

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