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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fucktard Feeny R-Florida

From a CNN article regarding the rollback of Patriot Act provisions:

"If there are terrorists in libraries studying how to fly planes, how to put together biological weapons, how to put together chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, ... we have to have an avenue through the federal court system so that we can stop the attack before it occurs," said Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Florida.

Um, maybe I'm being dense here, but doesn't this hypothetical terrorist actually have to check the book out of the library in order to raise a red flag? And if said terrorist knew that the Patriot Act existed, a possibility that I'd categorize as PRETTY FUCKING LIKELY, wouldn't said terrorist just photocopy or rip out the pages he needed or simply steal the book?

Maybe we're just not going far enough here to keep America safe. Maybe we need a system of hidden cameras and biometrics in every library and bookstore. But that doesn't do anything about the thousands of unsecured books that contain potentially dangerous knowledge and subversive ideas. Holy shit, what are we gonna do, boss??? Maybe we just need to lock down Internet access like China. And get rid of all the books. Just burn them. What do we need books for anyway, if they're just helping the terrorists? We've got reality TV, what more do we need?

Here's a thought, folks. Read a fucking book: Fahrenheit 451.

News flash for you all. The Patriot Act isn't about stopping terrorism. It's about eliminating judicial oversight of federal law enforcement. It's about rolling back privacy safeguards that were enacted in response to well-documented abuses of power. And it's about allowing the FBI to spy on the American people with impunity.

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Some of the statements made on the hill are amazing. It can be scary to think about some of these people that are in charge of important choices. Cameras, RFID chips, gps, satelite and so many other tools that can be used for good can also be used for evil. What a fine line it can be.

By Anonymous BlogCruiser, at 9:48 AM  

I just read fahrenheit 451 and it is scary how our goverment is starting to lean in that direction. I am also reaidng 1984 once again it is scary. There is line between security and freedom. Do I ind being scanned going into an airport nope. Do I mind that the law enforcemtn can tap my phone, read my e-mail or see what books I like to read? yes

By Anonymous Zach Cone, at 8:30 PM