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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Marijuana Potency Through the Years

As you can see below, the prospects of ever more potent types of marijuana have kept the fires stoked over the devil's weed. Obviously, the same claims can be heard today about how super potent weed is even more dangerous than the mild benign weed your parents and grandparents were smoking. To assuage fears about what happens when the THC content hits 100 percent, simply observe that "hippies" figured out how to make synthetic THC back in 1967, and that you can now easily obtain 100 percent pure synthetic THC by prescription. Visit the manufacturer's site: What they have to say about the safety of their THC product and their advice about driving while under the influence of it are particularly interesting -- especially when contrasted with the hysteria over "drugged driving." By the way, you can get a free sample: ask your doctor.

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