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Sunday, March 13, 2005

New Strategy Game: BUSH - The World Conquest Game

Coming soon from NEOCON, the gaming company who brought you Naked Detainee Twister®...

BUSH - the World Conquest Game®

It's you against the world! (Or it will be by the time you're done...)

In this challenging simulation, you play the part of Karl Rove, master ventriloquist. It's your job to keep Dubya in line and minimize the damage caused by unscripted questions from an unruly press, ballooning economic woes, embarassing allegations from Dubya's frat boy past and ongoing diplomatic fiascos all over the world.

Your power-ups and special secret moves include: The Holy Roller Right Hook, The Knee-Jerk Gay Bash, The Civil Rights Stomp, The Haliburton Pork Chop, The State Secret Cloak of Invisibility, The Propagandist Clip, The Gitmo Shuffle, and the invincible Bin Laden Boogeyman.

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