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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fun with Visio 2000 - Alternate Work Flow Diagram Stencil

My employer's IT group uses Visio 2000 quite a bit. If you're familiar at all with the package, you've probably seen the 'Work Flow Diagram Shapes' stencil, which includes little stick people performing various tasks, such as 'Customer Service', 'Packaging', yada yada yada....

Now, that's nice, but it's kind of artificial and after you've seen a few hundred of those little stick people in project documents you come to hate them immensely. At least I have. So, what if there were a Visio stencil that described the people you really work with and the kind of bullshit that really goes on in your office? Well, now there is.

I present to you (drumroll, please) Visio Work Flow Objects for YOUR Office. this includes standard roles like "Office Lush", "Computer Illiterate", "Cubicle Gophers" and "Grammar Queen", not to mention invaluable communication icons like "Fuck You and the Horse You Rode in On" and "Bite my Tit".

In Diagram Form (right-click and 'Save as' to copy)
In Stencil Form (right-click and 'Save as' to copy)
In JPEG Form (see smaller version below)

Go forth and wreak havoc, my friends.

One quick note: You cannot receive an e-mailed Visio stencil file (.vss) through Outlook without either having modified the file extension on the sending side (good luck explaining that procedure to your mommy-saving, hunt-and-peck buddies) or having patched your copy of Outlook to permit the receipt of 'unsafe' file types on the receiving side (good luck explaining that to your humorless computer security administrator). So send a link instead.

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