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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Followup to 'Truth? Reality?' on The Cranky Liberal

The original post is here. Just yer standard "Rush Limbaugh made another asinine comment followup and here's why" post.

I just wanted to cross-post my response to one of the comments:

Cranky said:

As long as some of us are here to fight the fight, the fight ain’t over.


A lot of my friends have been really down since November; they just got terminally disgusted and unplugged from politics and from the news in general. Not me. Seeing Bush re-elected (if you want to call it that) based largely on the fear generated by an intentionally exaggerated threat made me furiously angry, but constructively angry.

Let me share a few of my beliefs.

  1. I believe that the current administration has compromised the integrity and good name of our Republic by its ignorance, arrogance and policies of naked aggression both overseas and within our borders.

  2. I believe that our 'default' view of current events is being sanitized in order to control us.

  3. I believe that our electoral process is so badly broken that civil disobedience on the scale of the civil rights movement must be undertaken to fix it, if it can be fixed at all.

  4. I believe that the ongoing erosion of the Bill of Rights places us into clear and present danger of devolving into a theocracy or a dictatorship.

But most importantly, I believe that I have an obligation to my country, my family and to myself to express civilly my outrage, in the strongest terms that I can, and to hell with whatever the consequences of my dissent might be.

Regardless of how this all turns out, I want to be able to look back at this period in time and say "I stood up for what I believed was right."

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