Neo-Hippie Ramblings - I'm a Non-Conformist Just Like All My Friends: VX2 Spyware

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

VX2 Spyware

Just spent way too long trying to get this shit off my PC. Grr.

After trying about five things, I finally succeeded by turning off System Restore, manually deleting the files that Freedom had identified as infected, deleting the associated registry entry and doing a hard shutdown. Reopened, re-scanned, and no more VX2.

I hate fucking spyware.

If I ever find the mofo who created that miserable piece of shit, I'm going to pretend to be his buddy and take him out for a night of cheap Mexican food and hard drinking. And then he's gonna wake up locked in his closet for two days with nothing but all of his clothing, a flashlight and a big jug of water spiked with Ex-Lax.

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