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Monday, November 14, 2005

FDA's Morning-After Pill Decision Probed

Don't remember for sure if I posted a rant about this when I first read about it. Either way, there's one coming right now...

Apparently, when it comes to the issue of reproductive rights, nothing less than total fucking domination and the absolute legislation of morality will suffice. Sieg Heil to the Rabid Reactionary Right!

I mean really, what degree of asshatted, howling-abyss psychosis does it take to combine the premise that abortion is an abhorrent thing with an all out war on every attempt to provide sex education and contraception?

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. It defies all description.

It's not about helping women. It's not about being 'pro-life'. It's not even about sex, really. At the most fundamental level, it's about the need to inflict one's own view of the world on everyone else at any cost.

I'd love to live in a world where nobody wanted or needed an abortion. A world without incest or rape. A world where couples weren't ever having sex unless they were emotionally and physically ready, and weren't having kids until they were all of that, plus financially ready as well. But I live in this world, the real one, and I understand intellectually why abortion needs to be an option, even though the thought of it makes my heart ache and my skin crawl.

I'd love to see fewer abortions -- I'd love to see zero. Not by making them illegal, but by making better alternatives available, practical and affordable.

News flash: Pretending that you're going to somehow spread the Gospel to the entire fucking human race and magically turn the entire fucking world into clones of Ward and June Cleaver is not one of those alternatives.
  • Supporting adoptive charities is kind and noble one.

  • Supporting the availability of reliable, affordable contraception is a socially and fiscally responsible one.

  • Supporting factual sex education in the education system, combined with the availability of resources to help parents hold a meaningful, open dialogue about sex and sexuality with their children - within the framework of their personal religious and moral beliefs - is perhaps the best one of all.
And if that doesn't fit into your need to tell other people what to do, then do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.

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