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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lost - A rare foray (for us) into 'grown-up' TV

P and I borrowed the first season of Lost from a coworker. We've been able to watch the first four episodes so far. I'm enjoying it. I have a couple of theories about what might be happening, but nothing I'm ready to commit to yet.

I don't get to watch many 'grown-up' shows anymore. Most of my TV time involves annoying animated characters, talking animals, a boy with a lightning scar on his forehead, or giant monsters that trash Tokyo.

We watched X Files religiously until it started to get lame. Ditto for Millenium. The last two shows we watched regularly were Buffy and Angel. And I was totally hooked on The Shield for the first two seasons -- but I started missing episodes when we had my nephew living with us and got so far behind that I just gave up trying to tape it. P found it far too violent, so she didn't watch it anyway.

I detest reality television, so I get the impression that I haven't missed much over the past few years. Like I said, though, I'm enjoying Lost.

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