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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Odds and ends with a high school theme

Must be the fact that we went to visit family this past weekend, but I have a bunch of stuff floating around in my head and a lot of it's tied to high school in one way or another. That was half a lifetime ago now. Ouch.
: Made the mistake of signing up for the basic account, out of curiousity. Now the bastards won't leave me the hell alone - they're sending me spam out the pooper. But one old friend who I actually would like to talk to sent me an e-mail through their internal infernal system, and I can't read the damned thing unless I sign up for a 'gold' account. That really, truly sucks. Not sure if I'm gonna pony up the cash or just try to track him down outside of their site. Grr.

Not Quite Scheherazade: Found out that someone I knew back in high school writes Not Quite Scheherazade, which I'd run across a while back, and really liked, without realizing that the author was an old acquaintance. Kudos, A.S., on a great blog.

Alcohol: I've never been a confessionalist, as the few of you who read this regularly will know. But someone very close to me has let a drinking habit slip way out of control and it's quite alarming. Not sure what happened, or exactly when, but somehow having a few too many on 'special occasions' has apparently turned into a situation where every day is a 'special occasion'. Not good.

Being Clark Kent: Apparently all these years in front of a keyboard have finally paid off. Typing was the only class I ever got a 'D' in during high school. I truly sucked -- something like 13-14 wpm at top speed. I realized today at work that I was typing amazingly fast (for me) -- probably over 60-70 wpm -- while not even looking at the monitor, and not making any mistakes. Woo-hoo!

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