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Friday, September 09, 2005

From No Contact Politics: Natural Disasters: China shows how it's done

From No Contact Politics:

I've resisted running this one for a few days, but I think it's time.

In well planned and implemented operations over the last month, China has evacuated just over 1.24 million people from the country's eastern coast after Typhoon Matsa in early August, and over a million people from the path of super typhoons Talim and Haitang (that's nearly a million people from Zhejiang and Fujian; and over 100,000 people in Anhui) in early September (i.e. right now). And that's just the headlines

I know lots of Americans will find this offensive, and respond with reflexive stuff about freedom and authority, but perhaps they should take a moment to think about it.

From reading right wing blogs on New Orleans, that freedom seems to be freedom to die in the name of individualism & personal responsibility (or for not owning a car) - although where local & federal taxation fits into that picture, I'm not sure.

So, where's all that Homeland Security tax money gone, all the FEMA money, all that military spending, all that GWOT expenditure, if not on defending your homeland?

Surely not into the pockets of corrupt politicans and their political sponsors.
Surely not on the shadow security state and illegal weapons and technologies to oppress and suppress when you finally ask the right questions?


Don't believe me? Read the $40 Billion Black Budget for Spying. That's bigger than the annual budgets of nearly all the states in the US, more than the federal government itself spends on justice ($24 billion), Interior ($9 billion), Energy ($23 billion), housing and urban development ($39 billion), NASA ($16 billion),
and about two-thirds of the annual spend on education ($65 billion).

It's even bigger than Homeland Security ($31 billion) expenditure.

Still don't care? Still trust your rulers? I know the answer's still 'yes' for m
any of you reflexive authoritarians on the right, although hopefully your loyalties are beginning to feel a bit of strain right now.

probably lucky for the rest of the world that this will be China's century. The 'American century', the 'age of ideology', will become a fading memory, like the brief flowering of the British Empire, with only the recriminations, trials, tribunals and lawsuits remaining.

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