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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Something serious for a change - missing child - update: found

Update: Jordan has been returned to his family, safe and sound.

Jordan Rolfe (birth name) or Jordan Barry (name he chooses to use)
Born: March 10, 1999

Height: 4 feet

Weight: 50 pounds

Hair : Dark Brown, straight, medium-short length

Marks: Scar on middle back, rash (exzema) on right arm and wrist, wart on right thumb.

Last seen wearing a grey shirt with a navy blue collar and blue shorts with orange flames on the sides.

Taken from the city of Strongsville, Ohio. Last seen in Lakewood, Ohio on Clifton Blvd. 9-28-05 at 10:00 a.m. We suspect that she will be trying to make her way either towards Mexico, or Florida.

Nancy Rolfe may be driving a White Chevy conversion van with light blue or green pin stripes. She may also be with a friend who drives a white Honda with black trim. Nancy may be going by the name "Flora" and may have altered her appearance to look like an older woman. Nancy is in her 40's, thin, dark hair and approx. 5'6" tall.

The contact info is:

Detective Sgt. Colegrove
Strongsville Police Dept.
(440) 238-7373


Special Agent Timothy J. Kolonick
(216) 662-6637

If anyone has anything at all to report, please do.

His family are offering a $10,000.00 cash reward to anyone offering any information that leads to his safe return.

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