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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Medical pot user yanked from hospital bed

Original source - Duluth News Tribune

Medical pot user yanked from hospital bed



SEATTLE - An Army veteran who fled to Canada to avoid prosecution for growing marijuana to treat his chronic pain was yanked from a hospital by Canadian authorities, driven to the border with a catheter still attached and turned over to U.S. officials, his lawyer says.

He then went five days with no medical treatment and only ibuprofen for the pain, attorney Douglas Hiatt said.

Steven Tuck, 38, was still fitted with the urinary cath-eter when he shuffled into federal court for a detention hearing Wednesday, Hiatt said.

"This is totally inhumane. He's been tortured for days for no reason," Hiatt said.

(Article continues online.)

Man, it sure is a good thing the Feds pressured Canada to turn over this dangerous criminal state-licensed patient who was running a terrorist cartel growing for his own personal use and selling it to schoolchildren treating chronic pain from injuries he sustained during a life of crime in the service of his country. We can all breathe a little easier now smell the stench, knowing that this rotten poor bastard is safely off the streets suffering unnecessarily.

At least he made it through the ordeal with his life, which is more than can be said for Jonathan Magbie.

And as for Canada, I can only suggest: Do feel free to disobey this evil empire of ours any time you want, eh?

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