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Thursday, December 29, 2005

My poor little blog, Paganmas, et al

My poor little blog is being neglected. Been very busy overall, and what online time I do have has been devoted to Bring It On lately. More smart content, more discussion, more traffic, more stupid people to abuse, what else can I say? Looks like this site will end up being my Phun with Paintshop Pro blog, for the most part -- that's what's driving a lot of the traffic now.

Well, that obviously-pagan winter solstice holiday we slapped a Baby Jesus sticker on and called 'Christmas' has come and gone once again. Can't say that I enjoyed it an awful lot this year. Seemed like it was "the holiday season" forever. By mid-December I just wanted for it to be finished. Now all that's left is New Years Eve, which isn't much of a holiday unless you're into serious drinking, elbow-to-elbow crowds at the bars, or both of the above. Which I'm not. If there were a holiday with a ganja theme, now that I could get into.

Going to visit the family, though, which should be nice.

Black Spy and White Spy, despite having received a fair number of cool toys each -- including many intended to encourage cooperative play -- still seem to prefer picking one toy and fighting over it. Grrr. I'm thinking coal next year. Except they'd probably just fight over whose piece was bigger...

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