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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Chest Freezer Water Pipe

In response to an inquiry on ADP, here's proof positive that you can make a pipe out of just about anything (hee hee). This version is updated with Shaun's suggested improvements.


Chest freezer (doesn't have to work, but it'd be a plus)
15 - 20' section flexible plastic tubing - aquarium size
2 -- 6' sections flexible plastic tubing - aquarium size
Plastic laundry basket
Large glass jug with stopper
Large brass pipe assembly (Bowl, screen, elbow, stem with threads, two
threaded rings) with easily removable bowl
Modeling clay
Plumber's putty
Waterproof tape


  1. Lay out the tubing to get an idea of how much you have to work with. The longer section of tubing should be sufficient to loop around the laundry basket several times in a spiral and have enough left to snake down into the liquid chamber and also attach to the brass pipe assembly below. The shorter sections will form a mouthpiece and a carburetor.
  2. Braid or tie the long section of plastic tubing around the plastic laundry basket in a spiral, looping as many times as possible but leaving enough slack to insert into the brass pipe fitting and into the liquid chamber.
  3. Cut a hole in the side of the chest freezer sufficient to fit the brass pipe assembly (making sure you don't puncture a coolant line in the process!!!). Tighten the rings against the freezer wall to secure and waterproof the edges with plumber's putty. Pack modeling clay around the bottom end of the tubing, leaving an inch or so free of clay. Insert the clay plug into the brass pipe stem and scrape away any extra from the edge of the brass stem - the idea is to create a tight seal. Secure the stem to the plastic tubing by wrapping repeatedly from stem to tubing and back again with waterproof tape.
  4. Modify the stopper to fit and make airtight the three sections of aquarium hose (method will vary by type of stopper). Snake the free end of the long hose through the stopper and to the bottom of the liquid chamber. Snake the two short hoses just through the stopper into the top of the liquid chamber.
  5. Decorate the outside of the chest freezer with some suitably melodramatic motif.


Fill the laundry basket with ice packed around the liquid chamber, fill the liquid chamber 2/3 with 100 proof liquor and fire up your favorite herbal blend. ;) Use one free tube as a carb and the other as a mouthpiece. It may take several pulls to get the smoke through the tubing and into the liquid chamber. Enjoy the frosty goodness - Cheers!

2 Old Comments:

Well, try this on for size.
1. Take one tin from a tea candle and pop the candle out then wash the it to remove any excess wax (the taste of wax is nasty when smoked).
2. Puncture it on the side or bottom (which ever your preference, but side would work best).
3. Set this aside for now.
4. Find a metal icing bag tip (if you don't know what this is, then you haven't had the REAL munchies and had to make things from scratch) and slip the smaller end into an aquarium tube (like specified in your instructions)after slipping it through the punctured hole in the tea candle tin.
5. remove screen from kitchen sink (those things are pretty useless there anyway) and place it over the lager end of the icing tip as you would with a normal bowl.
6. Smoke all your pot till you see flying pink penguins.

By Blogger Sorrowful Mother, at 10:53 PM  

I'm having trouble picturing how the tea-candle tin fits into the picture. Is it simply to hold the hot bowl? If so, you could use a lot of things. I do like the use of the icing tip -- that's one I'd never heard of before!

By Blogger Rambler Joe Snitty, at 7:58 AM