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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The munchies - nachos & cheese

For some reason, lately, I've been craving hot foods all the time, especially nachos with cheese and jalapeno slices. This may be my wife's pregnancy cravings, by proxy. Who knows.

We bought a big-ass jar of jalapeno slices a few weeks back, and every few nights after work lately I've been indulging while I make dinner. I'll toss some Fritos canned cheese in the microwave, spoon it over a bowl of restaurant style tortilla chips and cover it all with a layer of the peppers.


It's definitely a masochistic pleasure, because nothing does a number on my stomach like jalapenos. I've been waking up with heartburn a lot of mornings, and on the mornings I don't, job-related stress helps things along pretty quickly.

Hasn't stopped me yet, though.

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